Sunday, September 26, 2010

If only it were this easy!

If you are like me, you are very skeptical when it comes to advertisements.  “Secret” methods to train your dog, and “magic” tools that will solve your particular dog's behavior problem overnight make me very skeptical. Why?

Because I know from experience that dog training (and dieting, sadly) requires consistency and work. Rare is the behavior problem that can be permanently solved in just minutes.

Now, I don't know if the dog training claims below are true or not; I have not tried any of the products they were selling (and selling hard), but most of us know the following diet claims are just too good to be true. I thought it would be interesting to place the 10 most common diet advertisement claims side by side with dog training ads-they are remarkably similar.

The dog training advertisements are all real, I did not make them up or change the wording:

Lose all the weight you want without dieting or exercise!
Secret dog training method makes YOU the master of your dog and not the other way around!

 Eat whatever you want and still lose weight!
A "dream come true" revolutionary leash stops pulling for good!

Lose 10 pounds in a day
You Can Cure 19 of Your Dog's Worst Behavior Problems in Just 6 Days!

A weight loss formula for everyone
Use Dog Whispering For Amazingly Fast Results - Any Aggressive Dog!

Lose weight with the miracle patch/pill/cream
Revolutionary leash/collar/stops pulling instantly!

Money Back guarantee
 Eliminate Frustrating Walks Forever in Only 15 Min/Day- 100% Guaranteed

100% safe
Train any dog using this method!

Patented method
 Do You Make These Mistakes When Training
 Your Dog? Find Out Today!
(Hint: it’s a “secret” method)

Never diet again-lose the weight forever
Train Your Dog In Three Days! Easy, Fast & Effective Dog Training System Trains Any Dog Permanently!

A miraculous breakthrough!
Your Dog Will Never Pee or Poop Inside. Works in 6 Days!

Happy Training!
Chris Waggoner

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