Thursday, November 4, 2010

Got leftovers?

Make your own broth!
Leftover lean chicken = awesome training treats!
Having five dogs, nothing goes to waste in my home. What is not eaten by either human or beast is composted.

Meat or bone that cannot be safely consumed (of course, everyone knows to not give cooked bones to dogs!) is saved to make broth. Commercially prepared broth is usually too salty for dogs. Making your own gives you control over the ingredients.


I like to have plenty of Kongs on hand. You can stuff with kibble, soak in broth, then pop in the freezer. Great for rainy days or just as a fun meal. Who says meals must be given in a bowl?

For our fifteen year wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with a dozen red Kongs, arranged atop various cans of squeezable foods and placed in a large vase.

Can you see why I married the guy?
1. Ready several clean Kongs for stuffing
2. Fill with kibble, soak with broth (skimmed of excess fat)
3. Place in freezer

Broth, broth, broth- I LOVE broth for its many uses:

Add  to water to hydrate your dog before a run
Soak toys in broth, then freeze for teething puppies 
Mix with white rice for an easy to digest meal
Add to kibble-nice on cold mornings

Rope toy soaking in broth

Can my dog eat anything I eat, too?

NO. Let me say that again, and louder- NO!

If your dog is accustomed to eating nothing but kibble, you must introduce other foods slowly. Don't take a 12 year old dog who has had 12 years of the same food (not that anyone reading this would do so) and plop a plate of rich fatty food in front of him. That is a sure way to a fast trip to the emergency clinic-or worse. Dogs die every year around Thanksgiving time from eating too much fat. Take this seriously-your dog will likely eat whatever is in front of him-good or bad.

In addition, some foods we humans eat are fatal to dogs-most dog households today are aware of what dogs can and cannot safely consume, but this still must be said-always err on the side of caution!-if you are unsure if something is safe to feed your dog- don't.

Dangerous foods for dogs-click here 

Some people believe that giving their dog "people food" is unhealthy or will spoil the dog. My question to them is-what did dogs eat before the invention of kibble?!

Want to learn more? There are many good articles on alternate feeding methods for dogs, including home cooked or raw food diets. Click here for a guide to creating home cooked food for your dog

Happy Training!

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