Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dexter's Progress

The reason I adopted Dexter (aside from the fact that he hypnotized me with his deep brown eyes into doing it) was to have a dog to train to a service dog level. More specifically, a dog from a shelter.

But, above all else, I wanted a dog that would teach ME to be a good trainer.

True, I already had huskies that would have gladly volunteered to work for food. But...I wanted a dog that could be let off leash with a reasonable expectation that he would not be in the next county when I turned my back.

Enter Dexter; Hound Extraordinaire.

So I thought I would list what behaviors Dexter is fluent in so far and what needs...err...fine tuning, shall we say.

What he CAN do:

Back Up
Touch (nose)
Touch (paw)
Go Around (we love this one!)
Tuck In (needs fine tuning but we have the beginnings of a nice "tuck")
Loose Leash Walk (we are pretty good except when there are BIRDS present)
Pull A Cord To Open Fridge
Unzip Zipper (on clothing-with cord so far)
Place Something IN (basket only at this point)
Take Something OUT (ditto)
Get That (any item pointed at with finger)
Get That At A Distance (we are up to 100 feet)
Find My Keys (necessity truly is the mother of invention) 

Needs Fine Tuning:

Recall With Distractions (did I mention birds???)
Hold An Item (Okay, I tried a natural retrieve and yes, Sue Ailsby, you were right-BAD IDEA)
Loose Leash Walking (errr...birds rule supreme once again)

So, we have a long way to go yet. BUT look how far we have come! This is a dog who was surrendered because he was "too much dog"

Dexter-you make me a better trainer every day and for that I am ever grateful.

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  1. As they say in Australia, Good on ya Mate!